This is what we offered:

“Business Retreat offers personal, life changing retreats to increase self-knowledge, well-being and inner peace.
To improve your health, decisiveness, impact and zest for life.
At least, that’s what our clients say.

We offer retreats for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and managers. We also offer private retreats.

Take time off. To be.”

We even made a tempting video about our offer:

But a couple of years later both our lives got turned totally upside down.

This is my story. It takes about 15 minutes to watch. Watch until the end. It might save you 10.000 euro for a retreat (that is the amount some of our clients paid before we knew what we know now).

So we stopped giving our business retreats.

Because now we know that the knowledge and wisdom we used during our exclusive retreats had no lasting value.

We are deeply sorry for the deception, in which we believed ourselves as well, for more than 35 years.

Ingrid van den Boogaard

Ingrid Bijl